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City Services

Lorrie Cubbon
814-827-5300 extension 315

Water | Sewer | Refuse | Recycling

The City Services Department Staff can answer your questions concerning your account, bill, payment methods, water conservation, and how to check for water leaks. City Services (water/sewer/refuse) are billed monthly.

Scroll down for information about each service including rates, how to set up an account, and more.

City Services FAQ Booklet

Residential Garbage

Refuse & Recycling

Current Contractor: Tri County Industries

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Refuse/Recycling misses or questions: 814-827-5300 ext. 315

You must use the carts provided to you by Tri County and is limited to that amount of trash that will fit inside the container.

Commingled (Mixed) Recycling

Commingled recycling allows for mixed recyclables to be disposed of in one bin. Recyclable materials including glass, plastics, metals, aluminum cans, and most food containers make up commingled recycling. Recycling is every other week according to this schedule.


There will be no pickup on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Pickup will occur the day after the holiday.

Setting Up a New Account

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Please bring or include photo proof of identification with your application.

When you apply for service and have not held service in your name, you will be charged a security deposit ($100.00) as well as a non-refundable New Account set up fee ($25.00). The set-up fee is to cover the costs entailed in setting up your new service and is billed on your first month's bill.

If the water service is off, you will also be charged a $25.00 water service turn on fee. This charge will show up on your first bill.

If you move within a year and continue to be a City Service customer, your deposit will carry over to your new address. Your final bill must be paid in full before you can have City Services at another location.

If you move within a year and are no longer a customer the Security Deposit will be applied to the balance due and a refund will be issued for any credit balance left on the account.

There is a $25.00 Moving Fee that will be assessed each and every time you move. If you are moving within the City’s limits, please submit a check for $25.00. This fee will be added to the first bill at your new address.

Water Meters & Leaks

Water Filter Maintenance

Water meters are mechanical devices that measure the flow of water entering your home. Your meter is read at least once per quarter. Each month, you receive a Water/Sewer bill based on the amount of water you use. The meter only records water used.

The Finding Water Leaks brochure gives you quick and easy ways to find the source of a leak. For example, to ensure that your toilet is not the culprit of your high bill, place a few drops of blue or green food coloring in the toilet tank. Wait about 10 minutes. If any color is in the bowl, you have a leaky toilet.


Credit Assessment

The City of Titusville had no water or sewer rate increase since January 1, 2006. Water Usage Charge went from $1.45/1,000 to $2.00/1,000 on 1/1/2017. Refuse rate increase from $18.42 to $30.75 on 9/6/2022.

Water Base Rate: $5.89

Water Readiness to Serve: $6.00/unit

Water Usage: $2.00/1,000

Sewer Base Rate: $23.87

Sewer Usage Charge: $3.89/1,000

Refuse Rate: $30.75

Refuse Back Door Service: $40.75

Total Base Rate for Water, Sewer, & Refuse with no usage: $66.51 per month

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